The mission of Discover Life in America is to discover and understand America's species through science and education for conservation.

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Don’t miss out on this years Great Smoky Mountains Salamander Ball, the masquerade fundraiser of the year, hosted by DLiA!  Come dressed as your favorite Smoky Mountain creature and enjoy fun for the whole family. With a Smokies Salamander beauty pageant, live band performance, and live and silent auctions, you and your family can have fun together while supporting research and preservation in the Great Smoky Mountains.


The Knoxville Zoo is a new location for the Salamander Ball, and we think the perfect locale! Nothing else in Knoxville is quite so wild!  When it comes to setting a truly exotic stage for your special event, no place compares to Knoxville Zoo.  Lions roar in the distance, monkeys chatter nearby, and a giraffe might even stretch his neck in your direction to check out the party. The Zoos unique venue provides the perfect backdrop for the Great Smoky Mountains Salamander Ball.


2014 Mt. LeConte Hike

August 23, 2014 - August 24, 2014
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Administrative Event


Please join us for our annual trek and overnight to Leconte Lodge.

Ever wonder what it would be like to stay overnight at the highest inn in the Eastern United States? How about doing so with a guided hike up one of Mount Le Conte’s most scenic trails? Join Discover Life in America for all this and more on our annual Biodiversity Hike to Mt. Le Conte, August 23  and 24, 2014.


Discover Life in America (DLIA) works with scientists and volunteers from around the world to coordinate the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) for Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP). The ATBI is one of the world’s most ambitious efforts to document and understand every living species in GSMNP, and it is through events like our annual hike to Mt. Le Conte that we hope to educate anybody interested in the importance of biodiversity to both this great park and the greater humankind.


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Thank you for a great 2014 ATBI Conference

Thank you to all who participated in, and attended our annual ATBI Conference of March 2014. We believe it was very profitable: not only for the attendees in general, but for the gathering and collaboration of experts in the field of conservation biology. We were also delighted and enthused by the presence and presentations of our keynote speaker, bat conservationist and author, Dr. Merlin Tuttle.

Thank you Dr. Tuttle!
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